Jobs that Make a Relationship Impossible

Any sort of career that involves frequent and sustained travel is going to put a strain on relationships. Airline workers, business consultants and other careers which require constant travel force individuals to walk on something of a tight rope in terms of romance. Not only is the lack of time spent together unpleasant and difficult, toxicbut it is easy to overlook the commitment of a relationship and perhaps become unfaithful due to the time away and distance. 2. Some of the most breakup-causing habits and traits include partners who obsess over work and cannot stop paying attention to their work (even in the evening), or partners who simply prioritize work to their relationship. In other words, a partner who makes decisions that puts his or her career ahead of their relationship almost always spells doom. This is not only a sign of a toxic relationship or individual, but it is offensive and hurtful enough of a kind of behavior to cause someone to breakup. 3. Ultimately, there are some kinds of people who will be perfectly fine and functional when dealing with partners who travel for work and others who will crumble in the face of it. It’s difficult to know which kind of person you will be until you’ve experienced it. It’s important to remember that sometimes there simply isn’t a band-aid or a work around to this sort of a problem. Exerting all energy and effort in order to “make it work” is sometimes a bad idea when a relationship is doomed to fail because of work commitments anyway. If things reach a breaking point, don’t simply try to power through it – acknowledge the fact that it may be an unworkable situation and consider a breakup. It may be the best option for both of you.

Traveling is probably the biggest culprit for difficulty maintaining a relationship. There are times in life when you should be traveling, and some people might not be interested in relationships. That’s fine. But for those who want a sustained, healthy relationship, you might want to rethink your traveling career break up birds love art. The truth is that there are many jobs that involve traveling. Whether it’s being a hotshot lawyer, headhunter, or musician, these are just a few examples of careers that could involve travel. With this in mind, you should be making it clear from the beginning that travel is going to be an aspect of your career. Also, the frequency and length of your trip can often get longer the better you are at your job. It could also be unpredictable depending on constant new opportunities. This means that there’s a certain level of instability that comes with travel and relationships. Unless your partner is willing, happily, to join you on your travels, this will be a strained relationship from the start. But that’s just one example, there are unfortunately many more reasons out there to why your job might make a relationship impossible.

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Babies and Rashes

A baby’s skin is highly sensitive, and it is irritated with greater ease and rapidness by any form of skin-distress. The chief reason for rashes in infants is what is known as diaper rash. The dampness and humidity of the diapered area, combined with possible traces of excrement and urine – these come together to produce a redness which sometimes resembles inflammation.infant rash1

When I diapered my kids, I always used a nice amount of cream on their butt. The rash can make things a lot more difficult, and since this is one which can usually be avoided – try not to skimp on the cream. Also, whenever possible, insist on a daily bath, even if only a quick rinse with the shower head. Generally speaking, you need to be washing not only your baby but yourself every day. It’s important to wash yourself and do the things that make you a clean person. You have to embrace your cleanliness and make sure that you stay hygienic.

Roseola is another rash which is very common with infants up to two years of age. Roseola is a virus which is characterized by a few days of intense fever, followed by a rash which covers a lot of the body as the fever goes away. Once the fever is gone, the child is no longer contagious. When my first kid got roseola, I called my mother and she guessed it right away. I had no idea the disease even existed. Live and learn, right? That’s parenthood for you. Sometimes you have to do a little trial and error before you find the best way to care for your child , but in doing so you want to make sure that it’s not fatal.

Infants may also develop hives, eczema, and hand, foot, and mouth disease. These can be brought on by common viruses, such as the cold or flu virus de jour, and by other, more “exotic” enemies. Allergic reactions are another classic catalyst for a rash, so be on top of anything out of the ordinary. If necessary, perform a patch test. Better to zero in on these things early.infant rash

So, there is a rash, but when do you call the doctor? First, get some help if the rash is only one of several symptoms – if there is also fever, vomiting, diarrhea, breathing difficulties, or other signs of physical distress, make an appointment.

If there are no other symptoms, give it a day or two, and monitor it. If it is confined to the diaper area, use diaper cream. If the rash spreads, gets significantly worse, or starts to produce blisters / other skin disorders – get in touch with your doctor. Sometimes it can be daunting as a new parent to make calls and appointments when you might just be overreacting. That shouldn’t be a reason not to go ahead and call a doctor if you think anything looks out of place with your new child.

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It Works!

This may be the last thing I write about laundry. Ever. Or at least, one can always hope. You see, it seems that our washing machine has finally been fixed. Hallelujah! It’s a miracle! And how fitting, since today Washing machineis the anniversary of the day when the first washing machine was patented. Why do I know that? Well, that’s a whole other story…

So basically, the guy was supposed to come on Sunday to fix our machine. When he stopped by last week on Tuesday evening, he found that there was indeed something wrong with the machine, something about the card needing to be replaced. Quite honestly, our machine looks so old that I was surprised there was any sort of digitized card in there to begin with. He said it would cost upwards of $150 to fix, and he asked the landlords if they wanted to replace it or to replace the whole machine. They opted to just replace the card, which meant that he first had to get it. Wednesday and Thursday were the beginning of a holiday weekend, and he said he would come back on Sunday with the card to fix the machine. However, when we checked in with him on Sunday he said it’s likely that the part wouldn’t be in on time. Same thing with Monday, but on Monday he said it would definitely be in and he could come by Tuesday morning to fix it. So we waited.

Well, Tuesday he came and claimed it was fixed! I was super nervous as I put the first load of laundry in the machine. Would it work? Would it not? Would my clothes be trapped in there forever? Well, ladies and gents, after just 35 minutes, my clothes were ready! That’s right, the 30-minute cycle now takes about 30 minutes, something that I washing machine1hadn’t experienced since moving into this apartment years ago. It was so exciting! And, because of this, I was able to do another load of laundry before my evening plans began. Wahoo! I did just two loads that night, and then the next day I did another 3. It had been weeks since I was last able to do laundry, and quite honestly I was down to my last reserves of clothing. So I was super grateful for this gift, and for being able to coordinate my tight laundry schedule with that of my roommates. The crazy thing is that now the washer is done much more quickly than the dryer, so I have to learn how to time things better for the future. But what a problem to have, I’m in heaven! I still have laundry hanging, but instead of the usual look of annoyance that I give my hanging clothes, I’m beaming with joy. It’s like I’m waking up to the sight of a newborn baby, I just keep thinking how amazing and miraculous the whole thing is.

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The Beatles

beatles 1Sir Ringo… being fashionably late, 21 years after his fellow Beatles Paul McCartney received his knighthood, Richard Starkey (the beloved Ringo Starr) was knighted by Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, at Buckingham Palace. The former Beatles drummer was awarded this honor due to his services to music and his charitable work in the UK. Some could ask what use these titles are, but there is a lot there. The title isn’t just conferred on anyone. If you are a Brit who has received a knighthood, you are allowed to use the title “Sir” or “Dame” in front of your name. Others may use an acronym. though the public usually adds the “Sir” title anyway, even though it is not the proper way of naming the individual.

What is it about knighthood anyway? Knights haven’t been around in about, oh, 600 years or so. And yet, we keep this tradition alive. And by “we”, I mean British people, of which I am not a member, so saying “we” is kind of neither here nor there. But regardless, Ringo was knighted by the Prince and joked around, saying he was going to wear the insignia at breakfast. He told reporters that he didn’t really know what to do with the title, but he expressed hope that they would.

There are only two Beatles left alive in their physical. Sirs Paul and Richard will continue the traditions of old, and carry the torch of knighthood. Both received their knighthood for services to the United Kingdom’s pop culture and music, and because of their great britainvarious charitable causes. Being knighted, however, does not grant the person a place in line for the throne. In olden days, when most knights were noblemen, they would be in line to succeed the King. Nowadays, there are 56 people in line for the throne after The Queen Mum, and Ringo and Paul are not among them. Although, I am sure that many people in the UK won’t mind seeing a Beatle reign over the kingdom.

Leonard Cohen wasn’t knighted, which is a shame. I am not comparing one artist to the other, but I am just saying that I feel he should have been considered. Sir Leonard Cohen just rolls off the tongue. Ah well, Cohen is dead, and Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney will also follow in his footsteps someday. It is the way of all things. Everything that lives, dies.

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Alternative Medicine

alternative medicine 1 Plant medicine has been getting a bad rap. And why? Probably because certain pharmaceutical companies want you to continue buying their pills. Now, look. Obviously, western medicine has a ton of merit. It saves so many lives on a daily basis, and in many cases it is even able to guarantee some kind of quality of life along with it.

However, we need to remember that the source of most – though not all – of this high tech, new wave, laser beam medicine is plants, shrubs, oils, and the like. To call this approach, these ancient techniques, alternative medicine, is pretty much saying that the primary form of medication in the world is western, and that is simply not true.

If there was one thing which I could say it is that even for those who swear by modern medical science, there are time where western medicine ends where alternative medicine just begins. The more holistic approach to the human alternativemedicinebody. The ability to understand that the mind is also something to consider, and then some, is a great realization. If there is something which will stay constant, it is that sacred connection between the mind and the body.

Many times, though not always, MDs tend to act more as a reactive medical staff, rather than preventive. This has to do with the approach to sickness and disease, and to health and wellness. This is why there are so many people out there who are swearing by acupuncture, essential oils, massages, and yoga. If you are not one of those people, that is quite alright. It is not for everyone. Some people are more into the science, and less into the ancient texts and wisdom’s. There is nothing wrong with that.  Many times, you need to believe in that “alternative” choice you are making.

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The Healthy Product Craze

tea tree 6 My girlfriend popped over to my house ranting and raving about this new product she tried. You
see my friend had the best job. She worked for a holistic company that sold everything from
Aloe Vera to the latest in Vitamin supplements – and the best thing about it she was the gunny
pig! Her official title was Product Tester. When she first got the job, I was like “so let me get this
straight, they give you all the latest and newest in health products to try, you try them and then
get to blog about them, is that right?”. She was like “Yep and you get to try them too!”. We hi
fived like we were in junior school and danced around my bedroom waiting to try all these
goodies out.

So basically we are a few months in and now her bedroom and my bedroom likes like some
teenagers bedroom that couldn’t be bothered to clean up yet instead of it being filled with
magazines and left-overs, it’s now filled up with Vitamins, organic creams, make-up, shampoos,
conditioners, body-butters, Aloe Vera this, Aloe Vera that – you name it. Kelly ran into my room
and told me to try this. She held up a bottle of Maple Holistics Tea Tree oil Shampoo and said
“get a load of this girl”. She said it was amazing, that it made her head tingle and was one of the
best products she had ever tried. She was literally ranting and raving about it telling me I had to
try it and that she had an extra bottle for me! I was so excited. I had just finished the bottle of
Sage Shampoo she had recently left me with and that was pretty great so if this was even better
then, I was getting myself into that shower the minute she left!tea-tree-oil 1
Kelly said she had been trying it for a week now and that she was excited to get into the shower
just so she could use it! I was like “ok girl, its just shampoo!”… But she was like “no Jess, you
know when you run out the house with wet hair its windy and you get a whiff of your shampoo
and it smells so fresh”, I was like “yeah ok in some T.V commercial” – in which she then punched
my slightly on my arm, “ I was like yeah ok”… she said “well this Shampoo is like that but its
better, it makes your hair all tingly and it just feels really really clean and you get that whole
whiff in the wind kind of feeling”. So after I slightly vomited from her Hallmark description, I was
like ok I am gonna give this a try and see if its everything it’s cracked up to be!
So here I am, Tea Tree Shampoo in one hand and shower handle in the other. I am ready to take
on this baby and see if it’s the best Shampoo I’ve ever tried!

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Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Shaping Cream

tea tree 4I am digging Australia big time. First off, I recently started dating this amazing girl from Sydney. Second, I have discovered tea tree essential oil. These are two amazing discoveries. I love them both, but in very different ways.

Paul Mitchell has a whole range of products with tea tree in them. Tea tree essential oil is one of the best things to ever happen to my shower routine, and I cannot get enough of this thing. I use it as a standalone to fight nits and dandruff. I use it heal cuts I get when I work (I lug equipment for a sound and lighting company, and that means my skin gets hurt sometimes). I use it to make my beard smell awesome, along with some olive oil and peppermint.

So, Paul Mitchell. Obviously I had heard of him and his stuff before, butfor some weird reason I never used his tea tree stuff. These are products that I shoulda coulda woulda been using years ago, I feel. But oh well, all good things come to those who wait, and who take risks. Those are the words that complete that adage, by the way. Who dares wins, right?

Okay, so a shaping cream was recently acquired by yours truly, and I am loving it. This tea tree shaping cream was reviewed by Maple Holisitics. The guys at that site gave it a good, balanced review. They took things into account – price effectiveness, etc. – and they said to go for it. I tend to agree with them.

Now, what does it do? Well, it gives you a nice finish for times when you are on the go. This is what I use it for. If I want to leave my house and know that I look good – I use it. It helps the hairtea tree 5 stick and stay in the position I want, and that is important to me sometimes. I carry all kinds of gear, and I don’t want to have to constantly mess with my hair. It is a styling cream that doesn’t feel like a styling cream. I mean it feels good going on and coming off.

There are a few downsides. It doesn’t last as long as I would like. I mean, maybe I am exspecting too much, because it is relatively expensive. But I don’t feel I am. If I am able to wait and get it for a cheaper price, I think I will. Another thing is that you have to use a really small amount, otherwise it does feel like an oldschool styling gel and I don’t like that at all. I don’t like the greasiness, and I don’t like the whole process. One of the things that review said, by the way, is that it is not as effective with longer hair. I mean, I tend to agree, but it works for me, and I am happy with my choice. Maybe I am an exception. Not sure.

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Purple For Your Hair

How Purple Shampoo Works On Blonde And Grey Hair - Photography by Angel Jordan

Not everyone is gifted enough to be a natural blonde, but guess what. It’s not the Stone Age anymore and we aren’t limited by such petty technicalities. A simple trip to the salon and you are blonde as Pamela Anderson. Yes, I am aware that it can be done at home too, but we all have enough horror stories to scare you off from ever doing that.

Now your blonde beauty like all other investments and projects will require some upkeep. Two words for you, darling. “Purple shampoo” by Maple Holistics. Let me tell you how I got turned on to the stuff myself. Yes, I too wasn’t born blonde but they do say blondes have more fun and I always liked fun so I felt like I was certain to handle the adjustment without a problem. First time I did it I was a complete rookie and it showed in my hair, yikes. I went to the local drug store and picked out the box with the pretty blonde on it, thinking that was all I’d need. While checking out the cashier inquired if I had ever done this before and not wanting to sound like a newbie I insisted that of course I had. She asked if I had purple shampoo at home. “Purple shampoo?” I thought, confused. What does this woman want from me and my shampoos? So I answered the way anyone would, with a bold faced lie. Of course I have Purple shampoo, I’ve been using it over years. “Okay honey no need to jump down my throat, just asking”.

Feeling a bit embarrassed I muttered a quick apology as I stuffed my items in a bag and began heading for the door. I was still wondering about purple shampoo and promised myself I would do a little research when I had the chance but I didn’t think too much more on the topic of purple shampoo or orange shampoo or any other color for that matter. The only color that mattered to me at that instant was the color of the sun on a July day. I went home and immediately got started on my project of becoming super model blonde. The process went as well as any home session of the sort could and I thought that I had it all figured out, I had become a blonde. About a day or two later however, much to my surprise and chagrin I began noticing changes in my hair. It was yellow, no not blonde. YELLOW. I almost lost myself after the discovery. What was this? How was this possible? What on god’s green earth was I going to do about it? I forced calm upon myself and began to think. I remembered the cashier’s words about Purple Shampoo and went to my MacBook to check the stuff up. Right after I typed in Purple Shampoo my fears began to assuage. There was a solution and it was readily available. I went out to get my Purple Shampoo but there was no way I was going back to the first drug store on the chance that cashier was there. Now the one thing about Purple shampoo is that it doesn’t always smell the best. A small price to pay for keeping me blonde.

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Glocks and Socks


When you go out and you want to get a new gun, whether you are a beginner or an experienced gun user, there are plenty of stuff to consider. Whether or not you want something for concealed carry or for the range, whether or not you want a glock-17-vs-glock-19 pistol or a shotgun, home defense or hunting. I mean, these are all things that I considered when I went out to get my first gun, and I only really managed to pick one based on what other people had been telling me. I mean, if the gun shop owner wasn’t so friendly, I might have either made a very bad purchase, or I might have chickened out altogether. Although I managed to pull through and actually managed to make the purchase, it was pretty nerve wracking. So in order to help out all those beginners, I thought I would try and write just a really small guide to help them. Basically, what I’m going to be talking about today is pistols, more specifically Glocks. Why Glocks? Because Glocks are nice, solid handguns. Despite all these “Glock is made of plastic” memes, you will not actually find a producer that makes so consistently high quality guns and solid frames. But which Glock to get? Well, the .45 is a favorite of mine, but that’s a little caliber for people just starting out, so I would suggest using a 9mm instead. Sure you lose out on stopping power, but you get bigger magazines, and more chances is what beginners need, not stronger hits. Out of the 9mm guns offered by Glock, I would have to say that the Glock 19 and Glock 17 (Gunivore) are definitely the frontrunners. The Glock 19 is a compact version of the Glock 17, and that means that they’re extremely similar, but the Glock 19 is smaller than the Glock 17. This difference of size between the Glock 17 and the Glock 19  manifests itself in two main ways. The magazine size on the Glock 19 is smaller than that on the Glock 17, which is the first major difference. The second is the weight of the gun. Due to being smaller, the Glock 19 also weighs less than the Glock 17, and while you may think that such a small difference in weight has no bearing on the shooting, it really does. In order to shoot the pistols, you will need to hold it up for extended periods of time, and anything that makes that easier definitely needs to be taken into account.

In fact, in almost every other category there are no major differences between the Glock 19 and the Glock 17. Even with the magazine difference, you can still use the larger magazine in the Glock 19, despite its height being made for the Glock 17. So even that isn’t that much of a big deal. At the end of the day, it really comes down to personal preference, although technically the Glock 19 is a better concealed carry weapon than the Glock 17, as it is smaller and thus easier to conceal.

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KSG – A Whole Lot Of Fire Power

Gun grips are important but what really peaks my interest is shotguns! The Kel-Tec KSG was introduced in 2011, and it really made a difference in the way people view shotguns. Kel-Tec was founded in the early 1990’s, and in the mid-1990’s it began to manufacture firearms.

The KSG (Kel-Tec Shotgun) is one of the most versatile and user-friendly shotguns around. It has a bullpup design, so there is relatively less weight. The shotgun itself is also made of very lightweight materials, which add to its functionality and versatility. It is an ambidextrous design, and it utilizes a dual tube and barrel system.ksg for your

This allows a shooter to use different kinds of cartridges in both tubes, although it may not be the best thing to do, unless you seriously train that way. When you are under fire or under pressure (or, quite superfluously, both!) you don’t want to start thinking of what kind of ammo you put where.

2 Chambers, 7 Shells in Each

The two tubes hold up to 7 shells in each, and there is the option of having another shell in the chamber. So, 15 rounds altogether, which should be plenty for any standard encounter. For shootouts, however, things may be different. A shooter can toggle between tubes, using a selector switch. The one main drawback which the KSG has to be its reloading time, which – depending on your proficiency – may take considerable seconds, causing you to take cover and stay out of sight as you load.

And speaking of shootouts, the KSG also has two separate subtypes: patrol and tactical. Both of those models are meant for law enforcement or military use. Their barrels are significantly shorter, effectively turning them into a short-barreled shotgun (SBS). There are different laws and regulations regarding SBSs, and they vary greatly from one state to another. Make sure you stay within the confines of the local laws, and remember that “ignorance of the law excuses no one from compliance therewith.”

Some specifics for the standard KSG:

Weapon length – 26.1 inches

Barrel length – 18.5 inches

Weight – 6.9 lb.

Height – 7 inches

The KSG can be used by left-handed and right-handed shooters. It comes with 2 MIL-STD-1913 picatinny rails, located on the top and bottom. This makes the Kel-Tec shotgun perfect for personalizing and accessorizing. Now, I don’t believe in overdoing anything, and that includes customization. You still want it to function like a weapon should, after all, and that may not happen if you have tons of things on top of its main configuration. But, I will say that there is definitely room for improvement. Making a shotgun, or any other firearm really, more personal, is something I am for. It means that when you need it, you will (hopefully) have your training and your acquired instincts to facilitate the successful use of this (or any other) weapon. This is why training is so important.ksg blasting

A brand new Kel-Tec KSG will run about $900 or slightly more. Kel-Tec sell different accessories from their site, and one of the most popular modifications is that of the selector switch. Using a larger switch helps you toggle between tubes, and that is a wonderful addition to the already-awesome KSG. There aren’t too many people talking about this gun online but I did happen to find a pretty good review on Check it out for more info!