Glocks and Socks


When you go out and you want to get a new gun, whether you are a beginner or an experienced gun user, there are plenty of stuff to consider. Whether or not you want something for concealed carry or for the range, whether or not you want a glock-17-vs-glock-19 pistol or a shotgun, home defense or hunting. I mean, these are all things that I considered when I went out to get my first gun, and I only really managed to pick one based on what other people had been telling me. I mean, if the gun shop owner wasn’t so friendly, I might have either made a very bad purchase, or I might have chickened out altogether. Although I managed to pull through and actually managed to make the purchase, it was pretty nerve wracking. So in order to help out all those beginners, I thought I would try and write just a really small guide to help them. Basically, what I’m going to be talking about today is pistols, more specifically Glocks. Why Glocks? Because Glocks are nice, solid handguns. Despite all these “Glock is made of plastic” memes, you will not actually find a producer that makes so consistently high quality guns and solid frames. But which Glock to get? Well, the .45 is a favorite of mine, but that’s a little caliber for people just starting out, so I would suggest using a 9mm instead. Sure you lose out on stopping power, but you get bigger magazines, and more chances is what beginners need, not stronger hits. Out of the 9mm guns offered by Glock, I would have to say that the Glock 19 and Glock 17 (Gunivore) are definitely the frontrunners. The Glock 19 is a compact version of the Glock 17, and that means that they’re extremely similar, but the Glock 19 is smaller than the Glock 17. This difference of size between the Glock 17 and the Glock 19  manifests itself in two main ways. The magazine size on the Glock 19 is smaller than that on the Glock 17, which is the first major difference. The second is the weight of the gun. Due to being smaller, the Glock 19 also weighs less than the Glock 17, and while you may think that such a small difference in weight has no bearing on the shooting, it really does. In order to shoot the pistols, you will need to hold it up for extended periods of time, and anything that makes that easier definitely needs to be taken into account.

In fact, in almost every other category there are no major differences between the Glock 19 and the Glock 17. Even with the magazine difference, you can still use the larger magazine in the Glock 19, despite its height being made for the Glock 17. So even that isn’t that much of a big deal. At the end of the day, it really comes down to personal preference, although technically the Glock 19 is a better concealed carry weapon than the Glock 17, as it is smaller and thus easier to conceal.

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