Purple For Your Hair

How Purple Shampoo Works On Blonde And Grey Hair - http://www.kisforkinky.com/how-purple-shampoo-works Photography by Angel Jordan

Not everyone is gifted enough to be a natural blonde, but guess what. It’s not the Stone Age anymore and we aren’t limited by such petty technicalities. A simple trip to the salon and you are blonde as Pamela Anderson. Yes, I am aware that it can be done at home too, but we all have enough horror stories to scare you off from ever doing that.

Now your blonde beauty like all other investments and projects will require some upkeep. Two words for you, darling. “Purple shampoo” by Maple Holistics. Let me tell you how I got turned on to the stuff myself. Yes, I too wasn’t born blonde but they do say blondes have more fun and I always liked fun so I felt like I was certain to handle the adjustment without a problem. First time I did it I was a complete rookie and it showed in my hair, yikes. I went to the local drug store and picked out the box with the pretty blonde on it, thinking that was all I’d need. While checking out the cashier inquired if I had ever done this before and not wanting to sound like a newbie I insisted that of course I had. She asked if I had purple shampoo at home. “Purple shampoo?” I thought, confused. What does this woman want from me and my shampoos? So I answered the way anyone would, with a bold faced lie. Of course I have Purple shampoo, I’ve been using it over years. “Okay honey no need to jump down my throat, just asking”.

Feeling a bit embarrassed I muttered a quick apology as I stuffed my items in a bag and began heading for the door. I was still wondering about purple shampoo and promised myself I would do a little research when I had the chance but I didn’t think too much more on the topic of purple shampoo or orange shampoo or any other color for that matter. The only color that mattered to me at that instant was the color of the sun on a July day. I went home and immediately got started on my project of becoming super model blonde. The process went as well as any home session of the sort could and I thought that I had it all figured out, I had become a blonde. About a day or two later however, much to my surprise and chagrin I began noticing changes in my hair. It was yellow, no not blonde. YELLOW. I almost lost myself after the discovery. What was this? How was this possible? What on god’s green earth was I going to do about it? I forced calm upon myself and began to think. I remembered the cashier’s words about Purple Shampoo and went to my MacBook to check the stuff up. Right after I typed in Purple Shampoo my fears began to assuage. There was a solution and it was readily available. I went out to get my Purple Shampoo but there was no way I was going back to the first drug store on the chance that cashier was there. Now the one thing about Purple shampoo is that it doesn’t always smell the best. A small price to pay for keeping me blonde.

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