Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Shaping Cream

tea tree 4I am digging Australia big time. First off, I recently started dating this amazing girl from Sydney. Second, I have discovered tea tree essential oil. These are two amazing discoveries. I love them both, but in very different ways.

Paul Mitchell has a whole range of products with tea tree in them. Tea tree essential oil is one of the best things to ever happen to my shower routine, and I cannot get enough of this thing. I use it as a standalone to fight nits and dandruff. I use it heal cuts I get when I work (I lug equipment for a sound and lighting company, and that means my skin gets hurt sometimes). I use it to make my beard smell awesome, along with some olive oil and peppermint.

So, Paul Mitchell. Obviously I had heard of him and his stuff before, butfor some weird reason I never used his tea tree stuff. These are products that I shoulda coulda woulda been using years ago, I feel. But oh well, all good things come to those who wait, and who take risks. Those are the words that complete that adage, by the way. Who dares wins, right?

Okay, so a shaping cream was recently acquired by yours truly, and I am loving it. This tea tree shaping cream was reviewed by Maple Holisitics. The guys at that site gave it a good, balanced review. They took things into account – price effectiveness, etc. – and they said to go for it. I tend to agree with them.

Now, what does it do? Well, it gives you a nice finish for times when you are on the go. This is what I use it for. If I want to leave my house and know that I look good – I use it. It helps the hairtea tree 5 stick and stay in the position I want, and that is important to me sometimes. I carry all kinds of gear, and I don’t want to have to constantly mess with my hair. It is a styling cream that doesn’t feel like a styling cream. I mean it feels good going on and coming off.

There are a few downsides. It doesn’t last as long as I would like. I mean, maybe I am exspecting too much, because it is relatively expensive. But I don’t feel I am. If I am able to wait and get it for a cheaper price, I think I will. Another thing is that you have to use a really small amount, otherwise it does feel like an oldschool styling gel and I don’t like that at all. I don’t like the greasiness, and I don’t like the whole process. One of the things that review said, by the way, is that it is not as effective with longer hair. I mean, I tend to agree, but it works for me, and I am happy with my choice. Maybe I am an exception. Not sure.

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