The Beatles

beatles 1Sir Ringo… being fashionably late, 21 years after his fellow Beatles Paul McCartney received his knighthood, Richard Starkey (the beloved Ringo Starr) was knighted by Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, at Buckingham Palace. The former Beatles drummer was awarded this honor due to his services to music and his charitable work in the UK. Some could ask what use these titles are, but there is a lot there. The title isn’t just conferred on anyone. If you are a Brit who has received a knighthood, you are allowed to use the title “Sir” or “Dame” in front of your name. Others may use an acronym. though the public usually adds the “Sir” title anyway, even though it is not the proper way of naming the individual.

What is it about knighthood anyway? Knights haven’t been around in about, oh, 600 years or so. And yet, we keep this tradition alive. And by “we”, I mean British people, of which I am not a member, so saying “we” is kind of neither here nor there. But regardless, Ringo was knighted by the Prince and joked around, saying he was going to wear the insignia at breakfast. He told reporters that he didn’t really know what to do with the title, but he expressed hope that they would.

There are only two Beatles left alive in their physical. Sirs Paul and Richard will continue the traditions of old, and carry the torch of knighthood. Both received their knighthood for services to the United Kingdom’s pop culture and music, and because of their great britainvarious charitable causes. Being knighted, however, does not grant the person a place in line for the throne. In olden days, when most knights were noblemen, they would be in line to succeed the King. Nowadays, there are 56 people in line for the throne after The Queen Mum, and Ringo and Paul are not among them. Although, I am sure that many people in the UK won’t mind seeing a Beatle reign over the kingdom.

Leonard Cohen wasn’t knighted, which is a shame. I am not comparing one artist to the other, but I am just saying that I feel he should have been considered. Sir Leonard Cohen just rolls off the tongue. Ah well, Cohen is dead, and Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney will also follow in his footsteps someday. It is the way of all things. Everything that lives, dies.

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