Alternative Medicine

alternative medicine 1 Plant medicine has been getting a bad rap. And why? Probably because certain pharmaceutical companies want you to continue buying their pills. Now, look. Obviously, western medicine has a ton of merit. It saves so many lives on a daily basis, and in many cases it is even able to guarantee some kind of quality of life along with it.

However, we need to remember that the source of most – though not all – of this high tech, new wave, laser beam medicine is plants, shrubs, oils, and the like. To call this approach, these ancient techniques, alternative medicine, is pretty much saying that the primary form of medication in the world is western, and that is simply not true.

If there was one thing which I could say it is that even for those who swear by modern medical science, there are time where western medicine ends where alternative medicine just begins. The more holistic approach to the human alternativemedicinebody. The ability to understand that the mind is also something to consider, and then some, is a great realization. If there is something which will stay constant, it is that sacred connection between the mind and the body.

Many times, though not always, MDs tend to act more as a reactive medical staff, rather than preventive. This has to do with the approach to sickness and disease, and to health and wellness. This is why there are so many people out there who are swearing by acupuncture, essential oils, massages, and yoga. If you are not one of those people, that is quite alright. It is not for everyone. Some people are more into the science, and less into the ancient texts and wisdom’s. There is nothing wrong with that.  Many times, you need to believe in that “alternative” choice you are making.

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The Healthy Product Craze

tea tree 6 My girlfriend popped over to my house ranting and raving about this new product she tried. You
see my friend had the best job. She worked for a holistic company that sold everything from
Aloe Vera to the latest in Vitamin supplements – and the best thing about it she was the gunny
pig! Her official title was Product Tester. When she first got the job, I was like “so let me get this
straight, they give you all the latest and newest in health products to try, you try them and then
get to blog about them, is that right?”. She was like “Yep and you get to try them too!”. We hi
fived like we were in junior school and danced around my bedroom waiting to try all these
goodies out.

So basically we are a few months in and now her bedroom and my bedroom likes like some
teenagers bedroom that couldn’t be bothered to clean up yet instead of it being filled with
magazines and left-overs, it’s now filled up with Vitamins, organic creams, make-up, shampoos,
conditioners, body-butters, Aloe Vera this, Aloe Vera that – you name it. Kelly ran into my room
and told me to try this. She held up a bottle of Maple Holistics Tea Tree oil Shampoo and said
“get a load of this girl”. She said it was amazing, that it made her head tingle and was one of the
best products she had ever tried. She was literally ranting and raving about it telling me I had to
try it and that she had an extra bottle for me! I was so excited. I had just finished the bottle of
Sage Shampoo she had recently left me with and that was pretty great so if this was even better
then, I was getting myself into that shower the minute she left!tea-tree-oil 1
Kelly said she had been trying it for a week now and that she was excited to get into the shower
just so she could use it! I was like “ok girl, its just shampoo!”… But she was like “no Jess, you
know when you run out the house with wet hair its windy and you get a whiff of your shampoo
and it smells so fresh”, I was like “yeah ok in some T.V commercial” – in which she then punched
my slightly on my arm, “ I was like yeah ok”… she said “well this Shampoo is like that but its
better, it makes your hair all tingly and it just feels really really clean and you get that whole
whiff in the wind kind of feeling”. So after I slightly vomited from her Hallmark description, I was
like ok I am gonna give this a try and see if its everything it’s cracked up to be!
So here I am, Tea Tree Shampoo in one hand and shower handle in the other. I am ready to take
on this baby and see if it’s the best Shampoo I’ve ever tried!

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