It Works!

This may be the last thing I write about laundry. Ever. Or at least, one can always hope. You see, it seems that our washing machine has finally been fixed. Hallelujah! It’s a miracle! And how fitting, since today Washing machineis the anniversary of the day when the first washing machine was patented. Why do I know that? Well, that’s a whole other story…

So basically, the guy was supposed to come on Sunday to fix our machine. When he stopped by last week on Tuesday evening, he found that there was indeed something wrong with the machine, something about the card needing to be replaced. Quite honestly, our machine looks so old that I was surprised there was any sort of digitized card in there to begin with. He said it would cost upwards of $150 to fix, and he asked the landlords if they wanted to replace it or to replace the whole machine. They opted to just replace the card, which meant that he first had to get it. Wednesday and Thursday were the beginning of a holiday weekend, and he said he would come back on Sunday with the card to fix the machine. However, when we checked in with him on Sunday he said it’s likely that the part wouldn’t be in on time. Same thing with Monday, but on Monday he said it would definitely be in and he could come by Tuesday morning to fix it. So we waited.

Well, Tuesday he came and claimed it was fixed! I was super nervous as I put the first load of laundry in the machine. Would it work? Would it not? Would my clothes be trapped in there forever? Well, ladies and gents, after just 35 minutes, my clothes were ready! That’s right, the 30-minute cycle now takes about 30 minutes, something that I washing machine1hadn’t experienced since moving into this apartment years ago. It was so exciting! And, because of this, I was able to do another load of laundry before my evening plans began. Wahoo! I did just two loads that night, and then the next day I did another 3. It had been weeks since I was last able to do laundry, and quite honestly I was down to my last reserves of clothing. So I was super grateful for this gift, and for being able to coordinate my tight laundry schedule with that of my roommates. The crazy thing is that now the washer is done much more quickly than the dryer, so I have to learn how to time things better for the future. But what a problem to have, I’m in heaven! I still have laundry hanging, but instead of the usual look of annoyance that I give my hanging clothes, I’m beaming with joy. It’s like I’m waking up to the sight of a newborn baby, I just keep thinking how amazing and miraculous the whole thing is.

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