Jobs that Make a Relationship Impossible

Any sort of career that involves frequent and sustained travel is going to put a strain on relationships. Airline workers, business consultants and other careers which require constant travel force individuals to walk on something of a tight rope in terms of romance. Not only is the lack of time spent together unpleasant and difficult, toxicbut it is easy to overlook the commitment of a relationship and perhaps become unfaithful due to the time away and distance. 2. Some of the most breakup-causing habits and traits include partners who obsess over work and cannot stop paying attention to their work (even in the evening), or partners who simply prioritize work to their relationship. In other words, a partner who makes decisions that puts his or her career ahead of their relationship almost always spells doom. This is not only a sign of a toxic relationship or individual, but it is offensive and hurtful enough of a kind of behavior to cause someone to breakup. 3. Ultimately, there are some kinds of people who will be perfectly fine and functional when dealing with partners who travel for work and others who will crumble in the face of it. It’s difficult to know which kind of person you will be until you’ve experienced it. It’s important to remember that sometimes there simply isn’t a band-aid or a work around to this sort of a problem. Exerting all energy and effort in order to “make it work” is sometimes a bad idea when a relationship is doomed to fail because of work commitments anyway. If things reach a breaking point, don’t simply try to power through it – acknowledge the fact that it may be an unworkable situation and consider a breakup. It may be the best option for both of you.

Traveling is probably the biggest culprit for difficulty maintaining a relationship. There are times in life when you should be traveling, and some people might not be interested in relationships. That’s fine. But for those who want a sustained, healthy relationship, you might want to rethink your traveling career break up birds love art. The truth is that there are many jobs that involve traveling. Whether it’s being a hotshot lawyer, headhunter, or musician, these are just a few examples of careers that could involve travel. With this in mind, you should be making it clear from the beginning that travel is going to be an aspect of your career. Also, the frequency and length of your trip can often get longer the better you are at your job. It could also be unpredictable depending on constant new opportunities. This means that there’s a certain level of instability that comes with travel and relationships. Unless your partner is willing, happily, to join you on your travels, this will be a strained relationship from the start. But that’s just one example, there are unfortunately many more reasons out there to why your job might make a relationship impossible.

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