Alternative Medicine

alternative medicine 1 Plant medicine has been getting a bad rap. And why? Probably because certain pharmaceutical companies want you to continue buying their pills. Now, look. Obviously, western medicine has a ton of merit. It saves so many lives on a daily basis, and in many cases it is even able to guarantee some kind of quality of life along with it.

However, we need to remember that the source of most – though not all – of this high tech, new wave, laser beam medicine is plants, shrubs, oils, and the like. To call this approach, these ancient techniques, alternative medicine, is pretty much saying that the primary form of medication in the world is western, and that is simply not true.

If there was one thing which I could say it is that even for those who swear by modern medical science, there are time where western medicine ends where alternative medicine just begins. The more holistic approach to the human alternativemedicinebody. The ability to understand that the mind is also something to consider, and then some, is a great realization. If there is something which will stay constant, it is that sacred connection between the mind and the body.

Many times, though not always, MDs tend to act more as a reactive medical staff, rather than preventive. This has to do with the approach to sickness and disease, and to health and wellness. This is why there are so many people out there who are swearing by acupuncture, essential oils, massages, and yoga. If you are not one of those people, that is quite alright. It is not for everyone. Some people are more into the science, and less into the ancient texts and wisdom’s. There is nothing wrong with that.  Many times, you need to believe in that “alternative” choice you are making.

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